INAPI is the body in charge of administering and performing services related to industrial property in Chile. It is also responsible for promoting the protection granted by industrial property and for disseminating the technological assets and information it has access to.

INAPI contributes to the strategy of innovation driven by the Chilean government, generating efficient systems for the use and protection of industrial property rights and the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, and transfer of knowledge to the community.



INAPI is an institution responsible for the registration, management, and promotion of industrial property on the global stage, recognized for its contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile. Its foundations lie on optimal technology and processes, a high capacity of service, trustworthiness, and impartiality, and a focus on the continuous improvement of its performance.



INAPI’s mission is to develop the national industrial property system through the protection of rights, the dissemination of knowledge, and the promotion of a balanced and comprehensive industrial property vision, with an end to contributing to economic and social development.

Institutional Values

  • Service Excellence: Offering high-quality and efficient services.
  • Commitment to Staff: Instilling the objectives of the institutions and a sense of pride in our team.
  • Respect: Respecting the integrity of both members of staff and users.
  • Proactivity: Improving our processes and the provision of services to our users.
  • Transparency: Being transparent in our actions, with a staff committed to following regulations and rules of conduct.