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A patent is a right granted by the state for the protection of an invention; that is to say, it is solution to a technical problem presented by an industrial task. A patent grants its holder exclusive rights to manufacture, utilize, offer for sale, sell, or import the patented invention.

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A trademark is any type of sign that can be represented graphically and can be used to distinguish products, services, or commercial or industrial establishments in the market. It grants exclusive rights to prevent third parties from using identical or similar signs for goods or services identical or similar to those protected by the trademark, if this allows for confusion among consumers.

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Protect your inventions abroad

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Protect your inventions abroad

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) simplifies and makes more effective the procedure for applying for patent protection for an invention in several countries and it allows the applicant to evaluate the probability and perspectives of his or her invention’s patentability with greater certainty.

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Statistics and Cartographies

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Statistics and Cartographies

Use dynamic tools to review the statistics of trademarks, patents, and designs of recent years. See the trends in the research activities and entrepreneurships of other countries, companies, universities and research centers from different fields.

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Appellation of Origin

Registered products

Appellation of Origin

The geographical indication and the designations of origin are those labels that identify a product with a particular location, when the product has characteristics or a reputation that is fundamentally dependant on its geographical origin.

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International Cooperation

Specialized Organization of the Intellectual Property System of the United Nations.

It promotes innovation and creativity at the service of the economic, social and cultural development of all countries.


Regional cooperation forum composed of 13 countries

Take advantage of its tools to manage Industrial Property in Latin America and the Caribbean.




José Ramón Valente encabeza reunión de coordinación con jefes de servicios del Ministerio de Economía

Jueves 21 junio de 2018

En la instancia, se abordaron posibles medidas para digitalizar procesos de otras entidades, que serán apoyadas por INAPI.


INAPI informa ampliación de plazos a solicitantes residentes en Guatemala

Viernes 08 junio de 2018

Debido a la erupción del volcán de Fuego ocurrida en Guatemala, se suspende momentáneamente la notificación de resoluciones a solicitudes cuyos titulares residan en el país afectado.

Clasificador marcas

Abren convocatoria para talleres sobre clasificación de marcas en INAPI

Lunes 04 junio de 2018

Los talleres están divididos en “básico” y “avanzado” y se impartirán los días 26 y 28 de junio, respectivamente.

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